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Young suddenly widowed with four young children. A stay at home mom with no clue how to live life as a widow. Manual not included! A calling I didn’t ask for and one I didn’t want. A rusty resume, no fix-it skills. Being in the driver’s seat in a way I never wanted to be. Having hope and optimism against all odds. On May 31, 2011, in the blink of an eye, life changed drastically.  My husband, Sean was killed in an auto accident. This is my story while keeping my sanity intact by learning to laugh when life literally sucked!
Holy Shifts… Letting Go of Anger, depression. A glimpse into heartbreak. Talking honestly about our pain, being scared, alone, weakness, awkwardness, and the strange and sometimes beautiful transition between this world and whatever comes next. Navigating through sadness, fog, numbness, self-doubt, anxiety, feeling alone and feelings of being inadequate. Holy Shifts happen! Finding humor I learned that it is possible to find joy in an unexpected life, calling the shots. An involuntarily single-A real-life account of what it’s like to date a widow.
By tackling events of my life with a wonderful mix of humor, sorrow and most of all – honesty! Love, laughter, food, and girlfriends. I could feel normal again. My hope is to bring awareness, compassion, humor to getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. When the going gets tough the tough get going.
How to find your inner strength, persevere and thrive. Hopefully, I can touch any number of people in a bad place, who need a laugh at the end of the day. How to laugh when you feel like crying! The beauty of finding humor through a tough situation and you don’t have to be a widow, anything counts… Let’s laugh through the tough, find the humor in the mundane everyday situations. – Tracy
Holy Shift Blogger/Author, Speaker, and Empowered Widow
Founder of Holy Shift Masterclass & DatingSafe
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