Sean Peart Foundation

OUR MISSION – Is to serve its communities. Uplift, inspire, empower single mothers, widows, and children. Healing forward. Also, providing service opportunities, how you can serve your community by sending out your own love ripple.  COMING SOON!

Every day 2,800 become widowed. Right now in the US, there are 14 million widows, and 258 million widows worldwide caring for 585 million fatherless children. We believe in empowering single mothers raising children on their own. 

We have a special affinity for those families living at the poverty level and have greater difficulty meeting their everyday needs due to extraordinary circumstances. Our website is filled with resources, knowledge, and programs available we recommend if you qualify and it fits your specific needs. 

Sean Peart Foundation.Org – #LoveRippleProject 501C3 – Coming Soon!

Will support educational programs supporting children. In our Scholarship program awarded to the youth of single-parent families, single mothers, and widows going back to school or starting a new business.

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